Upcoming Projects

Our School is just the latest in the many layers of our National Historic Site, and we are training the next generation of heritage professionals who will go on to be our next interpreters, builders and conservationists of our historic sites. What better place to learn how our heritage places function and what the process of planning, project management and conservation looks like, then on a living heritage site like Willowbank.




Infrastructure Upgrades

Our next big project will be the installation of systems, including upgraded electrical systems, new sprinklers and a temperature control system. We will also be installing an elevator for accessibility to the first and second floors. This work will begin in the Spring of 2016.


Bright Parlour Plaster Restoration

Once our infrastructure upgrades have been completed we can begin to restore the plaster finishes on the first floor. We will begin these repairs in the Bright Parlour - our large, light-filled lecture and venue hall.



  We are constantly evolving at Willowbank. We’ll keep you updated on our projects as we conserve, maintain and grow. Stay tuned!