The Gardens and Landscape

Our Upper Campus is a layering of an aboriginal landscape, overlaid with an early 19th century picturesque landscape, and more formal gardens and drives introduced in the 20th century. It is our goal to foster Willowbank as an ecological cultural landscape, which gives equal weight to our natural surroundings and our built heritage and the daily activities that bring this place to life.



In 2013, students planted a native plant species garden at our Lower Campus - supported by the Horticultural Society of Niagara-On-The-Lake. Students have continued to maintain and develop theses gardens

In 2014, students, in partnership with with the Niagara Peninsula Authority (NPCA) reseeded the Upper Campus’ lower lawns with native species, as part of long term plans to return part of the upper campus to its original picturesque landscape. Solitary bee stations were also introduced to support natural pollination for the adjacent biodiverse Ravine. In 2015, students undertook a species inventory in collaboration with the NPCA.



Our community garden was established in 2014 in partnership with local First Nations groups. It is a thriving plot on the upper campus that is meant to honour the long history of aboriginal habitation on the site and incorporates a medicine wheel at its centre. The garden supports traditional knowledge about local food production and promotes sustainability and community collaboration.

Our Gardens have been grown by a generous donation from the Niagara-On-The-Lake Horticulture Society, and by the labours and love of our local community.