South West Wall Project

This 2010-11 project addressed the most critical structural issue facing the estate house: the active movement of the south and west walls of the Estate house. With the financial help of many generous donors and sponsors, the walls were rebuilt and stabilized - this project was managed and work done by faculty, alumni and students.

In order to ensure that the interior finishes were not damaged by the necessary rebuilding of the wall the Southwest corner portion of the Bright Parlour’s plaster was removed by students and faculty. Additionally, the architrave of the windows was removed and interior posts were added at load points which would allow for portions of the wall to be disassembled and and reconstructed to correct the bulge of the wall.



The southern wall and a portion of the west wall of the building were shored up with a steel structure on the exterior. Work began soon after

A trench was dug—under archaeological monitoring—along the foundation of the building. From there the foundation was deconstructed and rebuilt plumb with the upper courses of stone. A historic lime mortar was matched as closely to the existing as possible - the use of the lime mortar meant that as winter progressed, the work area was tented and heated.



Two of the window sills had been severely damaged by the movement of the house. Students were involved in the discussion on whether to replace or repair the sills. In the end, one sill was replaced, while another was repaired.

The wall was completed in the spring of 2011, though the final ribbon pointing has been left to be completed for students on an annual basis, continuing the tradition of students adding their layers to the building.



The finishing touches on the Stone Wall Repair happened in 2012, when 2nd year students reinstalled the plaster and architrave in the Bright Parlour and the last of the structural supports were removed.

Southwest Wall Project


Emily Kszan – Project Manager
John Laundry – Lead Mason
Carol Jackson – Mason
Jordan Nickel – Junior Mason
Rob Friesen – Assistant
Mark Shoalts and team, Shoalts Bros
Construction – Site Engineer
Dave Robertson and team, Archaeological
Services Inc. – Archaeology
Crystal Bossio – South west wall
correspondent, 1st Year Student, 2010


Project Generously Funded by:

Donors Brad Nixon & Carol Beckmann Donovan Pauly Carol and Doug Erickson Elizabeth Oliver-Malone Geoffrey and Lorraine Joyner Jim Dodson Joy Ormsby Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Ron & Betty Ferguson Stephen Bedford William Benson