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Gain knowledge beyond the classroom by engaging with the real world.

Willowbank’s ecological approach to learning embraces innovation, interdisciplinary problem solving , and an integrated study of people, practice and place.

A progressive and unconventional educational model coupled with a flexible curriculum enables students to gain knowledge beyond the classroom by engaging with the real world.

Our Faculty is comprised of leading heritage professionals including master tradespeople, designers, academics and artisans drawn from the private sector and government.

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Our campus, a National Historic Site, allows students to explore the conservation of existing built, natural and cultural resources, while learning how to introduce compatible layers. We emphasize sensitive adaptive reuse solutions and contemporary design for historic places and as the basis of sustainable communities.We believe that an ecology of place starts with understanding the complex interconnection of our environments. We believe that theory and practise cannot be separated. We believe that diversity is key to a sustainable future.


“We learn to appreciate buildings, neighbourhoods and landscapes, all that holds them together – from mortar to memory, and how time affects each.”

Angela Garvey

Class of 2015, Heritage Planning Assistant, ERA Architects.