Recipes & Remedies In Upper Canada

Recipes and Remedies in Upper Canada by Hannah Peters Jarvis

Edited, compiled and published by Dr. Elizabeth Oliver-Malone

Willowbank proudly announces that the book "Recipes and Remedies in Upper Canada" is now available. The book, compiled and edited by Dr. Elizabeth Oliver-Malone, features the recipes and remedies of Hannah Peters Jarvis, who lived at Willowbank for over 10 years, and was the mother of Hannah Owen Hamilton, the first mistress of Willowbank. Hannah Peters Jarvis, came to Canada - having been born in the United States and spending much of her youth in England - and moved to Newark as part of Governor Simcoe's government in 1792.
Remedies in Upper Canada
Recipes & Remedies in Upper Canada
The book features recipes gathered between 1780 and the 1830s, and gives fascinating insight into the life of an 'elite' woman in Upper Canada in the 19th century. Recipes include New York butter biscuits, corn pudding and preserving of meats, salmon and eggs. There are numerous recipes for ale and practical instructions for the making of cement and paint, candles and cosmetics. A pharmacopeia for children and adults, as well as cows and horses rounds out the offerings. The book was published through Gaspereau Press and is available for  $25 (tax included) + shipping and handling, in our online store.
All proceeds from sales go to support Willowbank.