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INTBAU Internship 2018-19

Introducing Tanya Dare as the 2018-19 INTBAU Canada Fellow
As part of its hosting agreement with INTBAU, Willowbank is pleased to continue supporting an internship for our students.  With tremendous thanks to Alex Krucker, last year’s INTBAU Canada Fellow, Tanya Dare will be taking on this role in her second year as a Willowbank student. Tanya has been working in the federal public service for almost 25 years, most recently in international relations. Her personal travels, always motivated by a drive to experience great architecture and art, have included a six-week stint at an archaeological field school in Pompeii. Her particular areas of interest include photography, stained glass, sculpture, and industrial architecture.  Stay tuned for news of INTBAU events and workshops that Tanya is planning right now!  


Introducing Alex Krucker As part of Willowbank's hosting agreement with INTBAU, Willowbank was most pleased to have the opportunity to support and introduce a new internship for our students. One of our current first year students, Alex Krucker will be the first to take on this mantle. Alex came to Willowbank with a background in Humanities from Carleton University, and experience in heritage restoration working for a developer in his hometown of Guelph, Ontario. As Alex continues his education, he says he has “…come to respect the wealth of historic knowledge and traditional skills as well as their relevance to the modern world,” a sentiment very fitting for the INTBAU internship. As the first of this internship, Alex has been hard at work creating the INTBAU forum, which will be released and announced in the coming weeks. The forum will allow paying INTBAU members and student members the opportunity to have open conversations about traditional building, architecture and urbanism. INTBAU membership fees go directly to supporting the INTBAU intern at Willowbank - if you are interested in becoming a member please join here. 

Willowbank becomes the Canadian home of INTBAU, worldwide organization in building, architecture and urbanism

Queenston, Ontario, Canada – November 10, 2016

Willowbank is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement to host the Canada Chapter of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU), a global network of 5,600 individuals and institutions who support tradition in architecture, building and urban design. The two charitable organizations share His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as their Patron.

The announcement comes during the 10th anniversary year of Willowbank, and as INTBAU prepares to host its World Congress on November 14-15 in London, UK, a biennial forum to discuss and debate pressing issues facing the built environment in communities around the world, this year exploring the future of cities and the wide-ranging impact of rapid urbanization on how and where we live.

“Becoming home to INTBAU in Canada will allow Willowbank a new outlet for dialogue around sustainable building practices, urban development and traditional architecture,” said Crystal Bossio, Executive Director of Willowbank, “as an institution we are dedicated to fostering discussion about how communities can learn from our past to make a more sustainable future – the agreement with INTBAU recognizes that Willowbank has become a key centre for these vital conversations in Canada.”

“We are thrilled that Willowbank will host the INTBAU Canada Chapter,” said Harriet Wennberg, Senior Manager of INTBAU, “it builds on the existing partnership between Willowbank and the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, our sister charity. Willowbank will give a centre and greater dynamism to the INTBAU network in a Canadian context, while its work and students will gain increased international recognition as part of a global network. We are looking forward to working together towards our shared goals of building better places through the continuity of skills and traditions.”

Willowbank is an advanced educational institution on the Canada-U.S. border in Queenston, Ontario, founded in 2006. Its interdisciplinary approach to heritage conservation, balancing both skills and theory, is generating leaders able to integrate sustainable development, traditional knowledge and contemporary design. This entirely new approach to learning is complemented by the work of the Willowbank Centre for Cultural Landscape to understand the complex connections between natural and cultural heritage. The institution has also given dynamic new purpose to one of Canada’s National Historic Sites, the heart of Willowbank’s campus, and one of the world’s most unique classrooms.

Founded in the UK in 2001, INTBAU now has 27 national chapters. Each chapter focuses on local building traditions and architecture as well as the localized issues of rapid urban development. Each chapter defines its own activities. The Canadian Chapter was established in 2007, and has had great success through regional chapters. Willowbank will be engaging with INTBAU’s members across Canada following the agreement and will be announcing a series of joint educational opportunities in member cities in Spring 2017. Willowbank celebrated its announcement with a trip to Guelph this past Monday, where Willowbank students visited local historic buildings and hosted a discussion with the Guelph INTBAU chapter.

The INTBAU announcement will be available here: www.intbau.org/willowbank-host-intbau-canada


Crystal Bossio
Executive Director, Willowbank
905-262-1239 ext. 205

Harriet Wennberg
Senior Manager, INTBAU
+44 (0)20 7613 8578

More information about Willowbank is available at willowbank.ca, and more about INTBAU at www.intbau.org.