Introducing Alex Krucker As part of Willowbank's hosting agreement with INTBAU, Willowbank was most pleased to have the opportunity to support and introduce a new internship for our students. One of our current first year students, Alex Krucker will be the first to take on this mantle. Alex came to Willowbank with a background in Humanities from Carleton University, and experience in heritage restoration working for a developer in his hometown of Guelph, Ontario. As Alex continues his education, he says he has “…come to respect the wealth of historic knowledge and traditional skills as well as their relevance to the modern world,” a sentiment very fitting for the INTBAU internship. As the first of this internship, Alex has been hard at work creating the INTBAU forum, which will be released and announced in the coming weeks. The forum will allow paying INTBAU members and student members the opportunity to have open conversations about traditional building, architecture and urbanism. INTBAU membership fees go directly to supporting the INTBAU intern at Willowbank - if you are interested in becoming a member please join here.