INTBAU is a global network dedicated to creating better places to live through traditional building, architecture, and urbanism.


The INTBAU Canada Chapter was established in 2007 and focuses on local building traditions and issues of rapid urban development with specific emphasis on:

  • New constructions using traditional patterns
  • Relationship between new construction and local identity
  • Local economies and initiatives implied in building and regeneration
  • Sustainable construction and low energy alternatives
  • Importance of traditional patterns vs. urban sprawl and current urban forms
  • Heritage conservation
  • New construction in and around heritage sites
  • Importance of traditional craftsmanship/skills/materials (stone carving, earth construction, etc.)
  • Low rise density models
  • Developing a holistic set of practices

On November 10, 2016 Willowbank became the host of the Canadian Chapter of INTBAU – Read the Press Release.

Why is Willowbank Hosting INTBAU Canada?

Willowbank is an advanced educational institution that focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to heritage conservation that balances both the skills and theory of traditional building. We are fostering a new generation of heritage and design professionals who have the capacity to integrate sustainable development, traditional knowledge and contemporary design.


Not only do Willowbank and INTBAU share the patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, we also share a commitment to building better places through the continuity of traditional building skills and design.


Willowbank offers a strong platform for dialogue concerning sustainable building practices, urban development and traditional architecture amongst our students and faculty and looks forward to connecting with the broader heritage and design network in Canada and throughout the world through the global INTBAU network.