Ground Floor Window Conservation












During the summer of 2016, Stephen Telford, a second year student took on the Conservation of the ground floor windows of the Estate House from start to finish.

Beginning with a full conditions assessment and the creation of a documentation system for the windows and door openings. Stephen then undertook the specifications for the project, then moved on to outline quantities for materials and labour. Once a full understanding of the planning process for the project was gained, Stephen switched his hat for that of the contractor and began the hands-on work of conserving six of the ground floor windows.

Using best practices, including steam removal of paint, and the use of Allbäck linseed products for both the reputtying and repainting of the window sashes, has allowed Stephen to gain the direct knowledge that comes from solving the problems that necessarily arise when working with historic materials. The conservation project has provided him with a full immersion in all of the aspects involved in a material conservation project.



The conservation of these ground floor windows has also provided Willowbank with a template for the conservation of the first and second storey windows – an invaluable addition to the ongoing conservation and documentation of the Estate House at Willowbank.

The conservation of the ground floor windows was overseen by Willowbank staff and with ongoing input from faculty associates Craig Sims and Walter Furlan.

Funding for this project was generously provided by Young Canada Works through the National Trust for Canada and by the Town of Niagara-On-The-Lake.

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