The Drystone Blacksmith’s Shop

The Drystone Blacksmith’s Shop was designed by Adam Mackenzie Smith and received a Peter J. Stokes Commendation for its compatible design for a heritage site. It’s contemporary design draws upon traditional stonewalling techniques and includes various historical stone remnant pieces. The stone walls were built during both the 2013 and 2014 Stone Festivals.



The frame is a traditional timber frame building that had been added to by each consecutive class since 2009. No design existed for the cladding or “infill” but the intent was always to create a blacksmithing or stone-chipping shop that would afford students a covered space.

Work began on the drystone walls at the 2013 Stone Festival, after the framing had been erected and the gravel bedding put in place. Though made of stone, the building sits lightly upon the land, no footings were poured and the columns were epoxied to large stone bases to allay any engineering concerns.



At the 2014 Stone Festival work continued with stonewallers from Canada, Ireland, England and the U.S. all participating to complete the stonewalls. During classes on roofing students have begun to shingle the roof with slate. This will be an ongoing process and each year a new class will add to the rows.

The design incorporates varying window sizes that will create a light filled space in its final design. The windows will be created by students, alumni and faculty on an ongoing basis. Students will continue to explore differing floor and chimney mediums that will incorporate sustainable materials into the design.



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