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2014 Willowbank Lectures

Join 5 conversations contemplating the meeting ground

between nature and culture


March 15 | Renate Sander-Regier, Geographer and Naturalist, Ottawa

Human well-being and ecological well-being: exploring human-nature relations

March 29 | Sophia RabliauskasPoplar River First Nation, Manitoba

Spiritual connection with the land: sustaining traditional territory

April 12 | Jan Haenraets and Alyssa SchwannPreservation Landscape Architects, Vancouver

Global perspectives on landscape design and preservation: Scotland, India, Canada

April 26 | Victoria Dickenson, Director, McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg

The herons are still here: history, nature and culture

May 3 | Robert MellinArchitect and Scholar, Montreal and Newfoundland

Winter in Tilting: slide hauling in a Newfoundland fishing village


$20 lecture or $85 | series 

For more information or to register visit: willowbank.ca

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2014 Willowbank Lectures

The relationship between nature and culture - between geography and identity - is a perennial theme in the Canadian narrative. Not only has our experience of nature shaped our culture, but our culture has transformed the natural environment into the unavoidably cultural landscapes we inhabit. This fertile exchange has defined Canada.

The 2014 Willowbank Lectures takes an eclectic look at the relationship between nature and culture, both past and contemporary. They gather a diverse group of speakers from inside and outside Canada who explore and interpret the meeting ground between the natural and the cultural.

Speakers to be announced soon.