The Centre for Cultural Landscape aims to further the development of a cultural landscape approach to heritage conservation and community development that emphasizes the interrelated physical and socio-cultural dimensions of places and regions. To achieve this aim, it engages a broad public and community of practice to deepen our collective understanding and creative use of cultural landscape theory and practice. The Centre promotes and participates in this dialogue at regional, national and international forums.

The Centre’s activities include presenting the annual Willowbank Lectures; hosting a variety of symposia, conferences and other knowledge-sharing encounters that bring together national and international heritage professionals from across multiple sectors; offering short courses for heritage and design/development professionals; and participating in national and international forums on heritage conservation and sustainable development. The Centre also provides consulting services to all levels of government and academic and private sectors.

The Centre for Cultural Landscape shares responsibility for curriculum development of the Willowbank Diploma Program and supports independent and cooperative research projects undertaken by Willowbank students and staff.

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The Susan Buggey Cultural Landscape Fellow is a student fellowship created through the generosity of landscape historian Susan Buggey. Susan is known internationally for her key role in developing the concept of cultural landscapes, now central to ICOMOS and UNESCO, in dealing with sites of outstanding universal significance. Willowbank is honoured to welcome Susan to this role as benefactor and supporter of Willowbank and the Centre for Cultural Landscape.

The Susan Buggey Cultural Landscape Fellow is awarded each year to a second year student in the Willowbank Diploma Program. The Fellow receives a tuition rebate, and undertakes a research project of their own design in the area of cultural landscape under the supervision of Lisa Prosper, Director of the Centre for Cultural Landscape. The Fellow also participates in the activities of the Centre throughout the year.

The 2014/2015 Susan Buggey Cultural Landscape Fellow is Juliana Glassco. She will be posting on the Centre for Cultural Landscape Blog over the course of her project.