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Centre News – Spring 2015

Now that Willowbank has a growing number of alumni, and our profile is reaching further and further afield, the Centre has introduced an Associate category to identify a small group from within the Willowbank community who shares an interest in cultural landscapes. The Centre is pleased to introduce inaugural associates Julian Smith, former Executive Director of Willowbank, and current Dean of Faculty, and Angela Garvey, the first recipient of the Susan Buggey Cultural Landscape Fellow. Each Cultural Landscape Fellow will automatically become a Centre Associate upon graduation - next up will be Juliana Glassco, currently undertaking an internship at the World Heritage Centre in Paris. ICOMOS Canada elected a new president this spring as well as new members to the board. Christophe Rivet takes over from Centre Associate and Dean of Faculty Julian Smith as the new President of ICOMOS Canada, and Centre Director Lisa Prosper was voted to the ICOMOS Canada Board of Directors for a three year term. The ICOMOS Canada AGM was held in Edmonton this May and was an opportunity to see first hand the work being done on Whyte Avenue using the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) framework.