Centre News – Spring 2013

In May, upon the invitation of UNESCO, the Director of the Centre for Cultural Landscape, Lisa Prosper, presented at The Hangzhou International Congress Culture: Key to Sustainable Development in China. Over 400 experts from around the world gathered to focus on the linkages between culture and sustainable development. Given the absence of culture from the Millennium Development Goals, this occasion provided an historical opportunity to contribute to the post 2015 global sustainable development agenda. The event culminated in the Hangzhou Declaration Placing Culture at the Heart of Sustainable Development Policies. Aside from the privilege of participating in this important event, travelling to China and being part of a UNESCO initiative were both thrilling firsts for Lisa. Postcard The annual Willowbank lecture series, renamed as the Willowbank Lectures, turned its attention to the urban milieu this year. Urban Dwelling: Creative Ways to Engage with our Shared Urban Landscape brought together a diverse and provocative group of speakers to discuss innovative, collaborative and sustainable ways of engaging with our shared urban landscape. We were privileged to have Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS, as one of our speakers as well as Owen Rose and Andrew Emond from Montreal, Amy Lavender Harris from Toronto and John Schofield from the University of York in the U.K. The Willowbank Lectures also experimented with travelling off-site to the Young Centre in the Distillery District in Toronto and The Pearl Company in Hamilton.