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Views on a Room – Symposium

A heritage Symposium on the Conservation of the Bright Parlour. As Willowbank begins to plan for our estate's rehabilitation, three panels of heritage industry leaders will explore what conservation means in the 21st century, with Willowbank's Bright Parlour as inspiration and backdrop. Panels will speak to conservation philosophy, interpretative approaches, and materials and systems considerations. Panelists:
  • Clinton Brown, Principal, Clinton Brown Architects
  • Joe Lobko, Partner, DTAH Architects
  • Spencer Higgens, Principal, Spencer R. Higgins Architects
  • John Bonnett, History Professor, Brock University
  • Franklin Vagnone, Museum Anarchist, Twistedpreservation.com
  • Ashleigh M Bell, Interior Designer, Heritage Facility Program Coordinator, City of Hamilton
Keynote Speaker: Franklin Vagnone of Twisted Preservation and author of the Anarchist's guide to Historic House Museums. Video recording will be available.