As the diploma program in Heritage Conservation at Willowbank is approaching its 10 year anniversary, we will be hosting a photo exhibit that helps to appreciate the beauty of heritage in our communities. The exhibition will be held at Willowbank on February 27, 2016 Every place we encounter presents itself in different forms: what it is, what it was and what it could be. The theme of this exhibition, "Raw and Reimagined" explores these perspectives of place through photography. Our initial introduction to a place is in its rawest form. We can see its current state: as a school or hospital, former industrial site or someone's home. At the same time we also see its layers, the remnants of what it once was. "Raw" calls for photos that capture a place as is, when it is initially experienced, whether it is in use or abandoned. Submitted images can focus on the beauty held within and the story told by the place. Photos can range from those that capture the feel of a whole space or can narrow down to the stories told by specific details (a window frame, a door, or a person interacting with the space etc). Appreciating what a place was, and is, frames our initial experience. We can choose to focus on its current state, or begin to imagine its potential for new uses, new stories and new experiences. The "Reimagined" calls for images that bring that potential to life by taking an existing space and using a traditional form of photo/image manipulation to help a viewer see how a space can take on a new shape and tell a new story. Other ways to convey this are also acceptable. Be creative! Submissions can be sent as JPEG files to tfelicetti@students.willowbank.ca Submission Deadline: February 1st 2016 Email Questions and Submissions to: tfelicetti@students.willowbank.ca
city scape
Photo Credit: Jonathan Castellino
Photo Credit: Jonathan Castellino
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