The Centre for Cultural Landscape

The Centre is a hub for dialogue and engagement on urgent contemporary issues related to conservation, placemaking, and architecture. 

Recognizing that conservation is an evolving set of practices, we operate as the experimental arm of Willowbank providing real-world, hands-on design and build opportunities for students that bridge abstract theory and practice. 

At the international level, the Willowbank Centre is aligned with non-governmental organizations including the World Bank, ICOMOS, INTBAU, and UNESCO.

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The Centre Associates

The Centre expands the Willowbank network by forming alliances with institutions, writers, and practitioners that are exploring contemporary approaches to conservation. Our Centre Associates are a diverse group of people who all have a passion for understanding the complex interweaving of our cultural and natural environments. Through the activities of the Centre at local, national, and international levels we are changing the conversation of the current relevance of conservation and design in the world, and its relationship to ways of living.

Continuing Studies

Our interdisciplinary projects are structured within a framework of collaboration between students from various backgrounds, supplementing prior education as pathways to graduate studies, and those pursuing professional development. They are intertwined with conservation, urbanism, and architecture to craft, collaborative building, resource extraction, material processing, prototyping, and an assortment of building techniques. 

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