The Centre for Cultural Landscape

The Centre is a hub for dialogue and engagement on urgent contemporary issues related to conservation, placemaking, and architecture.

The Willowbank Centre

Recognizing that conservation is an evolving set of practices, we operate as the experimental arm of Willowbank providing real-world, hands-on design and build opportunities for students that bridge abstract theory and practice.

At the international level, the Willowbank Centre is aligned with non-governmental organizations including the World Bank, ICOMOS, INTBAU, and UNESCO.

The Centre Associates

The Centre expands the Willowbank network by forming alliances with institutions, writers, and practitioners that are exploring contemporary approaches to conservation. Our Centre Associates are a diverse group of people who all have a passion for understanding the complex interweaving of our cultural and natural environments.

Through the activities of the Centre at local, national, and international levels we are changing the conversation of the current relevance of conservation and design in the world and its relationship to ways of living.

Continuing Studies

Our interdisciplinary projects are structured within a framework of collaboration between students from various backgrounds, supplementing prior education as pathways to graduate studies, and those pursuing professional development.

These projects are intertwined with conservation, urbanism, architecture, and craft, connecting to resource extraction, material processing, prototyping, and an assortment of collaborative building techniques.



Summer 2021 Certificates

J Keus back cover photo

Open to all students and professionals in architecture, landscape, cultural and historical studies and related fields.

Online with optional field trips.

20 flexible structured hours of instruction
(once a week from 4 pm – 6 pm, exact days TBD)
and 20 unstructured hours.

Maximum enrollment per course
10 students


Please indicate which of the below Summer
Studios you are applying for and upload a Letter of
Interest, CV, and Portfolio on the contact form at the
bottom of the page.

Outdoor Classroom Prototypes

Outdoor Classroom Prototypes

As a response to the pandemic, we will design and build outdoor classroom prototypes with a focus on marginalized communities in the GTA.

Wallace-Emerson Deconstruction & Reus

Wallace-Emerson Deconstruction & Reus

Conceptualizes dismantling and reusing a celebrated Toronto community centre,
now slated for demolition, as a mode of conservation of both the cultural value
and embodied energy of the materials.

Lower Campus Commons

Lower Campus Commons

In collaboration with a University of Waterloo M.Arch student, this is an adaptive reuse design-build project incorporating interior and exterior public space, intergenerational living, and on-site material reuse.

Vimy Ridge Farm

Vimy Ridge Farm

Documenting, preserving, and developing strategies for inhabitation that resonate with the history of this site, which was used as a craft training facility for veterans of the Great War.

About the Certificates

Working with exploratory, philosophical, and hands-on dimensions, our students are supported by workshop spaces and the guidance of diverse international faculty. Students construct their own curricula rooted in conservation practices, ecologies, and new methods and technologies.

Willowbank Centre is an affiliated partner of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), has worked with ICOMOS (the International Council on Monuments and Sites), and is the Canadian host of INTBAU (the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism) connecting us to over a hundred international institutions dedicated to craft and contemporary approaches to the building arts. If you are a licensed architect, each of our courses is eligible for 20 hours of structured OAA (Ontario Association Of Architects) Continuing Education hours. 

The project-based curriculum is framed by a contemporary question or problem, community input, and the students’ interests, exceeding any one field of study. Students rotate to various aspects of a project allowing for a greater transfer of skills and knowledge. Alternate arrangements, including virtual learning, are made for those who cannot attend the live hands-on sessions.

Want to learn more about our Summer 2021 Certificates?

Contact our Director of The Centre for Cultural Landscape, Marcin Kedzior at

In a flexible, interdisciplinary framework, students engage in three stages of a project:


    Integrating into a cultural landscape and a community


    Immersion into the field alongside expert faculty


    Hands-on construction of a physical project

“This course has provided me with opportunities to work alongside students from architecture, art, industrial design, photography, and engineering. This experience led to my applying and having been accepted at the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London. I was informed that my experience with this program was critical to my receiving an offer.”

Hilary Bonnell
2014+2015 Cohort, Completed Graduate Studies at the UCL

“This was one of the first times that I sat in an architecture-related environment and felt completely involved in the world of design. Not only did your teaching methods expand my knowledge of architecture, but also influenced me to be open to interpreting design through other people’s perspectives.”

Jonathan Scharf
2016 Cohort, Candidate for a M.Arch at California College of the Arts

“It has been a really eye-opening experience with regards to designing and making and most importantly you managed to cultivate a really positive learning environment. I feel inspired by all the campfire conversations to keep thinking about the possibilities of design through site-specificity and making.”

Venessa Heddle
2013 Cohort, M.Arch recipient, University of Toronto

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Please indicate which of the below Summer Studios you are applying for and upload a Letter of Interest, CV, and Portfolio on the contact form at the bottom of the page.